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Diabetes Awareness: The Downside… a New Wardrobe?

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Here is some commonsense thinking: I can’t understand why anyone who has diabetes wouldn’t exercise and watch what they eat. The down side is that you may have to get an entire new wardrobe since exercise and healthy eating causes weight and size reduction. When it happens, people tell you how great you look and […]

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatments

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Definition Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) results from dehydration during a state of relative insulin deficiency, associated with high blood levels of sugar level and … source

Is Diabetes Mellitus A Dietary Ailment?

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Diabetes, otherwise known as Diabetes mellitus, is among the metabolic ailments whose victim's blood sugar level is abnormally high. This may occur as a result of malfunctioning of the pancreas, making it unable to produce sufficient insulin or cells to respond to the insulin released by the pancreas. The common symptoms associated with this condition […]

Am I diabetic – See signs of being diabetic

Posted in News & Reviews by admin Am I diabetic – See signs of being diabetic This new discovery is kept hidden from millions of suffering people everywhere by the … source

Type 2 Diabetes – Vegetarian Diets for Preventing Diabetes!

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Vegan diets are known to be the best kind of diet for controlling your weight and Type 2 diabetes; and a recent study strongly supports the idea vegan diets can be used to prevent the condition altogether. Researchers at the Loma Linda University School of Public Health in California, USA, reported the results of a […]

diabetic retinopathy symptoms

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diabetic retinopathy symptoms —————————- ——————————— You can have diabetic retinopathy as a long time … source

Choosing the Best Choice With a Diabetes Type II Diet

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It is difficult to make a diabetes type II diet that is healthy and reasonable and appears as much as possible to being a common diet. When we say "common", we denote something that is usual and as appealing as many individual's average fare. If you have type II diabetes, the very first thing your […]

Green Smoothies Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 6 days

Posted in News & Reviews by admin Blood sugar stabilizes in 6 days! source

Gestational Diabetes – What Is It, How Does It Develop?

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As indicated by the word Diabetes, you might have guessed that this is a condition involving a higher than normal blood sugar level (glucose) but what does it mean to have this condition? Well this condition is actually related to developing Diabetes during pregnancy. Approximately 4% of women develop this form of Diabetes during pregnancy. […]

Diabetes and Diet: Should I avoid eating fruits if I’m a diabetic?

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Diabetes and Diet: People with diabetes are surrounded by several myths especially concerning their diet. One such common myth is that people with diabetes … source