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Type 2 Diabetes – A New Treatment for Dental Problems in Diabetics

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Lipitor, or Atorvastatin, has an established role in treating high cholesterol levels. During the past few years, Atorvastatin has been tested as a new way of treating periodontitis in people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In July 2016 the Journal of Periodontology reported on a study from the Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research […]

Diabetes Effects on Body In Animation 3D Explained

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Visit http://DiabetesFree.Info to “Learn a Little-Known, But 100% Scientifically-Proven Way To ERASE Your Diabetes in 3 SHORT weeks… ” The effects of … source

Type 2 Diabetes – Exercise Is Good For You

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Although some people love to exercise, and others loathe it, we are sure you are familiar with physical activity, and how it is essential for healthy living. Even if it’s unlikely we are going to teach you something new; we would like you to consider exercising every day as a way to improve your health […]

Damon Dash “Being A Diabetic”

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Hip Hop Motivation’s The Barber Walters interviews Damon Dash about being a Diabetic and his business approach to help people with Diabetes. “The Secret … source

Memory Loss and Diabetes

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There are many issues one can face when they have been diagnosed with diabetes. One of the most frustrating is memory loss. Memory loss can occur in most people as they age. But sometimes, memory loss can be due to circulatory problems and hormonal changes in the body. When this happens, one may feel inadequate […]

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Yes, Diabetes is Curable – And Should not This Be Front Page News?

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Diabetes in its modern epidemic form is a curable disease and has been for the last 40 years. However, in America your physician will almost never tell you that this is so. Matter of fact he may become upset that you would even suggest such a thing. His training, funded by drug companies, and the […]


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View On Black Crazy time to leave a beach Sunsets are so late this time of year , wanted to do a sunrise this morning that meant by the time i got home last night i would have had 3 hours sleep so sunrise was seen under the duvet 😉 Was awesome here tonight running […]


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Aspen’s blood sugar spikes really high after a “diet” slush from Sonic. Aspen appears in a special video during a dance recital. Special thanks to Andrew Gordon … source